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  • This structure divided the length of a film into three parts, namely, three acts.
  • Recently, a second meaning has come into use, namely global climate model.
  • Namely, in an attempt to capture every possible sale, they offered many different models.
  • There are mainly two types of educational institutions namely government or public as well as private institutions.
  • Namely, it forces players to think about when they play certain combinations of cards.
  • However it does point to a problem for workers, namely how many creative people does this society need to function?
  • The second system has a single unique solution, namely the intersection of the two lines.
  • There must be at least one survivor, namely the spot added in the final move.
  • Namely, it is very difficult to state what would happen at the edge of such a universe.
  • We can also add the principle of top-down causation namely that higher levels can influence lower levels.
  • The risk still lies with the policy holder namely the person who has been in the accident.
  • These examples cover only the most important case, namely the ko rule.
  • Every unit of length has a corresponding unit of area, namely the area of a square with the given side length.
  • Two other cities were particularly showing great business development, namely Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Students choose from one of three streams, namely liberal arts, commerce or science.
  • The registered purpose is "entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game".
  • Students choose from one of three streams, namely liberal arts, commerce, or science.
  • In addition, it was the first in modern times to have a defined subject focus, namely, the social sciences.
  • The urban ground, namely in-between spaces and open areas, are designed to a higher level of detail.
  • Bukidnon has four legislative districts namely the first, second, third and fourth districts.
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