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  • You certainly did a good piece of work when you nabbed this fellow. Cited from Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope, by Victor Appleton
  • Besides, if you were nabbed afterwards people might say it was through me. Cited from Robbery Under Arms, by Rolf Boldrewood
  • Even if he does think to, he won't have time to do it before you nab him. Cited from The She Boss, by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • If he lives ten days he'll be nabbed, and he won't live ten days. Cited from Six Feet Four, by Jackson Gregory
  • They'll nab you if you hang around here till three o'clock. Cited from From the Housetops, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • But he nabbed that paper with a weak hand as soon as her back was turned and read the date! Cited from The City of Fire, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • If you all get nabbed, I'd be the first one to fly in. Cited from Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, V1, Hauptmann
  • Before father could get his balance and start after him, Nab was well out into the boat room. Cited from The Junior Classics, V8, Edited by W. Patten
  • Next set-to, I feel sure, we will not merely spot him, we will also nab him. Cited from An African Millionaire, by Grant Allen
  • If so, nab him if you can, and if you can't, fire two shots. Cited from Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3, Collected by Francis J. Reynolds
  • Now, how shall I go to work to nab him? Cited from George at the Fort, by Harry Castlemon
  • This time the police not only managed to nab him, they got him to confess.
  • Good Lord, man, you'll get nabbed if you speed up like this within limits. Cited from Red Pepper Burns, by Grace S. Richmond
  • We've got to find where that is and get the secret service men there in time to nab them. Cited from The Secret Wireless, by Lewis E. Theiss
  • He had not married, though I do not doubt that there were many who would have nabbed him quickly enough. Cited from Paradise Garden, by George Gibbs
  • I'll tell you, sir, What he did tell me of Nab. Cited from The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson
  • News like ours don't take long to travel, and you might be nabbed very simple. Cited from Robbery Under Arms, by Rolf Boldrewood
  • It won't do to have them nab me here. Cited from The Rose in the Ring, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • One of them nabbed him quickly and ran off with him; but he did not bite hard. Cited from The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, by Selma Lagerloef
  • I thought Bess would have cried her pretty eyes out when she heard you was nabbed. Cited from Jack Sheppard, by William Harrison Ainsworth
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Meaning of NAB

  • verb Tag the base runner to get him out
  • verb Seize suddenly