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  • Over the next decade and a half, Naar's business career advanced.
  • Dare you face up to the Dark God Naar himself?
  • A cat and mouse game between the two warriors ensues, which leads both across a world claimed by Naar.
  • Other book projects followed, providing Naar with an opportunity to return to researching and writing on scientific topics, especially environmental themes.
  • So I gave Naar -- which means 'fire' -- the first hero of my first comic, the power of the seven flames.
  • He also wrote a work in Dutch, entitled Van Moskow naar Tiflis.
  • He has also been honored for his work with the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR).
  • En hij week al vast naar de deur. Cited from Het leven van Rozeke van Dalen, deel 2, by Cyriel Buysse
  • At war's end, by-then Major Naar emigrated to New York City and secured American citizenship.
  • Beiden staarden door de opening over de lagere huizen naar de bergen in het westen. Cited from Ben-Hur, by Lewis Wallace
  • Four years later, his matriculation at the University of London cut short by the outbreak of World War II, Naar was conscripted.
  • By the 1970s, Naar's reputation was well established and he was redirecting his energies toward on-location corporate work for a diverse range of clients.
  • Zoeken naar Eileen W. is a novel written by Leon de Winter.
  • This species has a grating naar call, and the male's song is a whistled peeet peeew answered by the female's higher pitched version.
  • Men voelde allentwege een wrevelige kilte, en men loerde naar de plate van 't horloge. Cited from 't Bedrijf van den kwade, by Herman Teirlinck
  • Naar al die heerlijkheid die van mij is, van mij alleen, heelemaal en uitsluitend van mij. Cited from Dramatische werken, by Henrik Ibsen
  • Tommie Christiaan would later audition for Op zoek naar Zorro two years later, which he went on to win.
  • En naar de namen van de zee en van het zaad en van het vuur vroeg hij den dwerg. Cited from De Edda, by Frans Berding
  • Lone Wolf learns that the evil god Naar has created an evil doppelganger of himself, the champion of the forces of good on Magnamund.
  • The role of Zorro was cast through a television show 'Op zoek naar Zorro'.
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