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  • It is thus the only element named specifically after a non-mythological woman.
  • Indian dance includes eight classical dance forms, many in narrative forms with mythological elements.
  • He also used mythological images with a strong sense of purpose.
  • They were particularly interested in mythological topics which usually revealed an eastern influence.
  • The majority of the films during this decade were either mythological or historical in nature.
  • These states took on mainly geographical names or names of individuals or mythological characters.
  • The element of fire shows up in mythological stories all across the world, often in stories related to the sun.
  • They are assigned to create a theme park based on their mythological heroes.
  • The eight rooms on the ground floor bear the names of the mythological winds.
  • Mythological scenes are less common, but they are very carefully produced.
  • He moved poetry forward from traditional mythological themes to reflect more contemporary issues.
  • It is a count of days since a mythological starting-point.
  • She was the first Roman non-mythological woman to appear on Roman coins.
  • The lyrics of two other songs on the album were written about stories with mythological themes.
  • These were named for male and female lovers of the god and other mythological persons associated with him.
  • He would later produce South Asia most successful mythological films.
  • Alexander the Great became a mythological figure also in this region.
  • They discovered that they shared an interest in painting landscape and contemporary life rather than historical or mythological scenes.
  • The list does not include astronomical objects named after mythological or fictional characters.
  • Also of note is his treatment of historical characters and kings as mythological within the world that he creates.
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