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  • From an early age she was under the influence of religion, which took in course of time a mystical turn.
  • He then has a mystical experience during the night.
  • The dogs survived in rural areas, where the people believed that they held a mystical value.
  • The horse is stolen from them and they begin their adventure to get their mystical horse back.
  • This gives him several mystical powers in addition to his considerable mundane ones.
  • It gives human life a spiritual, mystical significance, but one that we can never be sure of.
  • Being a mystical creature herself, she can pick up and sense various mystical activities from various places.
  • In retrospect, I believe there was some mystical force that brought us together.
  • Through a spiritual and mystical fashion, all are children of Mary, and she is their Mother.
  • Various sources have claimed to have observed these mystical orbs and studied them.
  • He is best known for his landscape works and for the mystical and spiritual qualities of his work.
  • Personal religion, in which the individual has mystical experience, can be experienced regardless of the culture.
  • They experienced a mystical process that allowed them, in the end, to experience what they had already gained knowledge of through their faith only.
  • Hypnotic methods have been used to re-experience drug states and mystical experiences.
  • The two films are similar, but the remake removed all of the original's mystical elements.
  • Perhaps that is part of its almost mystical appeal.
  • Uwaisis are those who enter the mystical path without being initiated by a living master.
  • In this performance, the philosophical and mystical nature of his work was on display.
  • The center of all mystical experience is, of course, Christ.
  • The philosophical and mystical mind-set of both men made them kindred spirits.
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