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  • Two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time.
  • It was mutually agreed that the band needed a break and wanted to do outside projects.
  • Only one of these states can be observed in any instance, since they are mutually exclusive.
  • Because each of these two moments are self-related in this way, they do not mutually determine one another.
  • At times, it can feel as if these two principles are mutually exclusive.
  • Both appear mutually exclusive at the upper right of the base character.
  • While not mutually exclusive, performance in these areas is a trade off.
  • Study groups exist so that the members of the group can mutually benefit from one another's academic knowledge.
  • Marriage between a man and the widow of his elder brother can take place if they mutually agree.
  • Beethoven and he soon met and they were mutually pleased with each other.
  • The two universities mutually host students of either university's School of Architecture.
  • The two proposed models may actually work in conjunction with each other, rather than being mutually exclusive.
  • Although they are mutually intelligible, some have many more loan words from other languages than others.
  • The two languages developed along different lines, so that the two are not mutually comprehensible.
  • If anything it appears that although the two probably mutually influenced each other, cybernetics had the greater influence.
  • It also means that there is more cooperation than mutually exclusive competition between theory and application.
  • While significant differences exist between the two character sets, they are largely mutually intelligible.
  • She taught fifth grade for a year, until she and the principal mutually agreed that teaching was not the career for her.
  • Operations upon shared states are critical sections that must be mutually exclusive.
  • The story tells of the mutually beneficial relationship between these groups.
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Synonyms of mutually

Meaning of mutually

  • adverb In a mutual or shared manner
    the agreement was mutually satisfactory, the goals of the negotiators were not reciprocally exclusive