mutely asking

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  • But now he raised his eyes from these things and looked across at Mike, mutely asking what he thought of matters. Cited from The Secret of the Tower, by Hope, Anthony
  • He kept his eyes on mine, and I knew that he was mutely asking forgiveness. Cited from When a Man Marries, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The boy looked up in his tutor's face, mutely asking if he should obey her. Cited from Donal Grant, by George MacDonald
  • But more and more frequently her eyes rested wistfully on James, mutely asking him for help. Cited from The Stolen Singer, by Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger
  • He shook his head, and softly beat upon the hand he held, as though mutely asking her commiseration. Cited from Haunted Man/Ghost's Bargain by Charles Dickens
  • This is reason FIRST; poor Voltaire mutely asking us, Not to load him with more sins than his own. Cited from Carlyle's "History of Friedrich II of Prussia V 19
  • For hours they sat beside the sleeping man, and when it was far past their usual time of retiring to rest, they looked at each other, mutely asking what would be best to do. Cited from Yorksher Puddin', by John Hartley
  • We watch its tiny life go out; see the sweet mouth quiver with the dying struggle, the strained, eager gaze mutely asking relief that we cannot give. Cited from Clemence, by Retta Babcock
  • "Prison!" exclaimed the Baroness in horror, and she looked at her husband, mutely asking why in the world he had brought a convict to their table. Cited from The Heart of Rome, by F. Crawford
  • Piteously, childishly, with seeking eyes, she held out her hand to him, as though mutely asking him for the answer to her outpouring -- the last word of it all. Cited from Marcella, by Mrs. Humphry Ward [AKA: Mary Augusta Arnold Ward]
  • She rose to her feet, still holding the tiny body against her bosom, and she looked at the Baroness, mutely asking what had brought her there, and wishing that she would go away. Cited from The Heart of Rome, by F. Crawford
  • He lifted the bugle, mutely asking a question of Adderley, who as mutely replied, and then, with it in his hand, left the other two beside the fire. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • He was mutely asking her help, asking the support of her frail, feminine courage for his masculine courage in the battle before him; and little tremors of nervous determination were running through him, when he heard his father's footstep and became conscious of his father's presence in the doorway. Cited from Over the Pass, by Frederick Palmer
  • And as I issue into the corridor, one of these pathetic tots runs to meet me, and shyly slips a warm, crumpled little fist into my hand, and looks up with wide baby eyes, mutely asking for a little petting, and I snatch him up and hug him. Cited from Dear Enemy by Jean Webster #2
  • The iron bed; the chest of drawers, scratched and with broken handles; the closed colonial desk; the miserly rag carpet -- all seemed mutely asking, as Bobby did, why their owner had deserted them the other night and delivered himself to the ghostly mystery of the old bedroom. Cited from The Abandoned Room, by Wadsworth Camp