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  • Info MusicAL is a 24-hour Albanian television music channel.
  • This is a list of people notable for playing the musical saw.
  • In particular, a musical is almost always performed in the language of its audience.
  • However, the light musical stage in other countries has become more active in recent decades.
  • He is best known for his creation and direction of extremely large-scale musical events.
  • He has composed a full-scale musical as well as a number of pop-songs.
  • Both a sister and several brothers played musical instruments, while another sister played piano.
  • She first came to public attention after winning a musical competition at age six by playing the piano.
  • A non-playing individual plays recorded music or a musical instrument.
  • A film's success often depends on the quality of such musical numbers.
  • Each type of drum head serves its own musical purpose and has its own unique sound.
  • He wrote many songs for musicals and wrote a number of youth books.
  • The word was not recorded as a musical and dance term until the late 18th century.
  • Prince planned to present the musical on the West Coast and then on a national tour.
  • The piece has also become a popular choice for amateur musical theatre and light opera companies.
  • Also the international musicals scene has been particularly active in recent years.
  • At this time, his brother was forming a new musical theater group.
  • The bank, in the end, granted them the musical rights.
  • The contest has been the subject of criticism regarding both its musical and political content.
  • These form the musical element of the one-act musical comedy. Cited from Writing for Vaudeville, by Brett Page
  • He has since starred in a number of popular large scale musical theatre productions.
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Meaning of musical

  • noun A play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing
  • adjective Characterized by or capable of producing music
    a musical evening, musical instruments
  • adjective Talented in or devoted to music
    comes from a very musical family
  • adjective Characteristic of or resembling or accompanied by music
    a musical speaking voice, a musical comedy