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  • Being very muscular, his upper arms were far larger than his hands.
  • From the second season onwards, she has a more muscular appearance than the other characters.
  • Collection requires greater muscular strength, so must be advanced upon slowly.
  • His well-built, muscular body type allows him to retain possession of the ball.
  • They have a large, muscular foot with which they hold their victims.
  • He is described as tall and thin, but muscular, with dark hair shot through with gray.
  • A muscular injury just before the competition prevented him from playing in the finals.
  • The neck is muscular, having developed from the breed's use against larger game.
  • She wandered about all the day long in the care of a muscular Irish woman.
  • It most often occurs in those whom others already consider muscular, and is often accompanied by depression.
  • The escape requires intense muscular effort, supported by all of the body's systems.
  • Edward grew up to be tall and muscular, and was considered good looking by the standards of the period.
  • Having increased in weight, he was more noticeably more muscular and could drive more effectively than previously.
  • Suddenly, the men work out on their own, and they transform into muscular attractive men.
  • The design of the motorcycle was inspired by a wide open muscular human arm.
  • The legs are of medium to long length, straight and set wide apart to allow for full and muscular body.
  • He also often makes for no competition against other, more muscular boys, who can beat him up or whom girls find more attractive.
  • Creating propulsive force requires the use of muscular strength, which uses far more energy.
  • They have a thick muscular neck supporting their short head.
  • His approach has been described by the press as "muscular."
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Meaning of muscular

  • adjective Of or relating to or consisting of muscle
    muscular contraction