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  • Many grown persons had also fallen under the impact of his murderous club.
  • They thought of suicide being a murderous death wish that was turned back upon one's own self.
  • The two sides then traded more murderous violence before everyone decided enough was enough.
  • Thus began the British infantry's most murderous battle of the war.
  • However, his murderous nature got the better of him.
  • And not only that: He knew at what point in time his murderous plan would be realized.
  • They would soon view them as little more than murderous from a humanitarian perspective.
  • The squadron took off to attack the enemy fleet without fighter cover in the face of murderous opposition.
  • Manassas then ran into more murderous fire from the whole line of the Union fleet.
  • He was thought to have planned his "murderous revenge" after that public defeat.
  • They recognized this and defended him later murderous friends and family.
  • Life support technology can extend the interval between the murderous act and the subsequent death.
  • But those behind the murderous plot have no idea what they are about to unleash.
  • The murderous spirit of the dead lover has been released from the mirror.
  • When their men return and begin to mistreat them, the women become murderous in their fight to keep their freedom.
  • I don't think he's a murderous person.
  • Yet very mean, to the point of being murderous.
  • He feels his murderous ways are righteous and just, and he even killed two prisoners soon after being released.
  • Taking place in Georgia, the film tells the story of two boys pursued by a murderous uncle.
  • According to Jadis's own account, her sister had started a long and murderous civil war.
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