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  • All government is either done at the state level or at the municipal level.
  • A municipal court judge is also elected for four-year terms.
  • The municipal territory is entirely flat, the highest point being at above sea level.
  • Left-wing politics have been particularly strong in municipal government since the 1960s.
  • Each operate their own municipal government, united they form one city government with its own constitution.
  • This nine-member council was designed to provide municipal services.
  • Municipal elections are held every year, with half the city council members up for re-election each year.
  • Each municipality has a mayor and a municipal legislature elected to four-year terms.
  • The same city administration is for the local municipal authority.
  • Many industrial and municipal sources have since then been greatly reduced.
  • Five are municipal property and the remaining belong to four private companies.
  • Later that year, they were offered the use of a house by the Paris municipal authorities.
  • Each municipality has a mayor and a municipal legislature elected for a four-year term.
  • Since then, it has been broken into a number of independent national and municipal enterprises.
  • Democratic decision making takes place on either the municipal or national level with few exceptions.
  • Municipal administration is also conducted by a mayor, a council, and an executive.
  • In smaller communities the court is in the same building as the city hall and other municipal offices.
  • Municipal elections are held every four years in late October.
  • It is not a party in itself but consisted of many municipal branches.
  • The mayor and all council members are chosen in municipal elections.
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Meaning of municipal

  • adjective Relating or belonging to or characteristic of a municipality
    municipal government, municipal bonds, a municipal park, municipal transportation