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  • Info A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare). more...
  • The people of the village still largely work on the land, often using mules.
  • The only access being from the sea, or via a long mule track.
  • They used mules to carry their equipment as far as the snow-line.
  • Mules did better than horses on the often poor feed found along the way.
  • Children generally did the mule driving, except perhaps at night when the captain might do so.
  • During its last year of operation, it was primarily used for racing mules.
  • They also rounded up all the army horses and mules they could find.
  • The return party often consisted of several hundred to a few thousand horses and mules.
  • He received the mule and a short note for the chief supply officer of the army.
  • There was nothing between me and the sea-level except the mule's ears. Cited from A Truthful Woman in Southern California, by Kate Sanborn
  • To support the family, he left school and became a mule driver.
  • Its most famous event is the mule show, which has run since its inception.
  • When he saw soldiers, he hid, and the mules went back to their master.
  • He left his artillery, mules, equipment and most of his food supply on the north bank.
  • For transport, the gun could be broken into eight sections and carried by mule.
  • Nine horses and a number of mules were captured, which afterwards proved useful.
  • Between the ages of two and three these changes begin to take place in the mule's mouth. Cited from The Mule, by Harvey Riley
  • As it moves forward, additional lines are taken to mules on the other wall.
  • Their horses and their outstanding mules are held in especially high regard.
  • Apart from these, domestic animals like horses, mules and sheep are also found here.
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Meaning of mule

  • noun Hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse; usually sterile
  • noun A slipper that has no fitting around the heel