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  • The game was played in heavy rain and the field was red mud.
  • The right-hand corner in the middle is difficult because of mud.
  • They are described as average condition but with a lot of mud.
  • He took the mud and rolled it in his hand and created the earth.
  • When completed, around twice this volume of mud will have been removed from the bottom of the broad.
  • The walls on top, made out of mud brick, were an additional tall.
  • Since they were constructed of sun-dried mud-brick, little remains of them.
  • This mud expanded in every direction and became the earth.
  • The town contained round mud-brick houses, yet no street planning.
  • If the trail is not directly on rock, then a mud pit forms.
  • Players get experience points for various things their character does in the virtual environment of the MUD.
  • The village houses were built of stone and mud.
  • The heavy rain and mud again made movement difficult and little artillery could be brought closer to the front.
  • The large, open design also allows mud to clear quickly from between the lugs.
  • The city walls, being typically made of mud bricks, required much attention.
  • The marchers on the side that runs into the mud first will slow down first.
  • The river was so named because its waters are colored red by mud deposits.
  • Robert fell into the mud, but continued without an overcoat until the end of the day.
  • Mud Lake is a smaller lake in the southwest of the town.
  • A lane now connected the island to the shore to the east, but it was deep with mud.
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Meaning of mud

  • noun Water soaked soil; soft wet earth
  • noun Slanderous remarks or charges
  • verb Plaster with mud