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  • Muchnick named it after the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".
  • Muchnick bet her she could not complete the task, and after she did, she began getting calls to be a female professional wrestler.
  • Quinn had fallen out with Muchnick over a number of issues.
  • Muchnick lives on Long Island with his wife and 3 children.
  • Muchnick had previously worked for the St. Louis Times, where he met Packs while covering the area's events.
  • As a result, it was Packs who continued to maintain his dominance over Muchnick at the box office throughout the decade.
  • New York Times book critic Laurie Muchnick described her book as a "terrific first novel."
  • Prior to attending law school, Muchnick attended Queens College, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper.
  • O'Connor was so angry at the suggestion that he walked out of their meeting and later told Muchnick not to book him for events in Chicago.
  • Sam Muchnick gained a reputation as a fair and honest promoter, which was uncommon in the early days of professional wrestling.
  • It was owned and operated by Sam Muchnick.
  • Muchnick also covered professional wrestling, where he formed a friendship with Tom Packs, who was the Midwest's top sports promoter.
  • For nine years, Muchnick served as Tom Packs' right-hand man while learning the ropes under one of the nation's most powerful promoters.
  • In the end, Muchnick's promotion was powerful enough with Buddy Rogers as its main star that the two promotions merged.
  • When Quinn left the NWA, Muchnick announced that Carpentier had never been an official champion and had no claim on the title.
  • By 1960, Sam Muchnick stepped aside as NWA President so that the organization could benefit from new ideas.
  • Shortly thereafter, Muchnick became the beneficiary of talent exchanges with various territories that joined the NWA.
  • And when illness forced Muchnick to step down as NWA president in 1961, Kohler was elected president and spent a year in office.
  • Later Muchnick became involved in the prevention of HIV infections.
  • Undercard spots were filled by wrestlers from Central States Wrestling, as Muchnick did not maintain a permanent roster.
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