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  • There is another version of the show on their sister station, MuchMoreMusic.
  • He has most recently been seen on MuchMoreMusic on the show Listed.
  • "Love Court" was played many times each week and was later seen on MuchMoreMusic.
  • A music video was made, and can be seen on MuchMoreMusic.
  • The video was also released in Canada, where it is getting airplay on MuchMoreMusic.
  • The music video was nominated for MuchMoreMusic Award as well.
  • The video for Hope and Ruin received significant play on MuchMoreMusic.
  • Now and Then Videoflow is a television program on Canada's MuchMoreMusic.
  • Young has also appeared numerous times on MuchMoreMusic and is a regular on MuchMusic's Video On Trial.
  • Reruns of episodes from the show's second season also aired during the summer of 2003 on MuchMoreMusic.
  • The video was played on both MuchMoreMusic and CMT in Canada.
  • The ABCs of Rock is a half-hour long music program on the Canadian Music Video Channel MuchMoreMusic.
  • Fans were shocked when the heavy country song was released to MuchMoreMusic, one of Canada's pop music video channels and to European radio.
  • The video for Cinderella also was on full rotation on MuchMoreMusic in Canada.
  • In Canada, CTVglobemedia provided uninterrupted live television coverage of the show on MuchMoreMusic.
  • This cover was later included as part of an episode of the series Listed on MuchMoreMusic, which was on the Top 20 cover songs.
  • It also reached number one on the MuchMoreMusic Top 10 countdown.
  • Videos and singles followed for Infected and It's Too Late, which received play on MuchMoreMusic.
  • The following is a list of the MuchMusic Video Awards winners for the MuchMoreMusic Award.
  • The music video was nominated for the MuchMoreMusic Award in 2003.
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