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  • The provincial government's MoveOntario 2020 capital funding announcement in June 2007 funded the line.
  • MoveOntario 2020 also proposed adding passenger service on the CP freight mainline that cuts through Toronto to the north of the downtown area.
  • MoveOntario 2020 also includes plans to extend the Yonge Line north and add a station at Yonge and Steeles.
  • As part of the provincial government's "MoveOntario 2020" programme, plans are being considered to return the building to its original use as a train station, serving the planned GO Transit Crosstown line.
  • Although it was not been included in MoveOntario 2020, commuter rail service to Peterborough has also been proposed, which would involve trains travelling on the same line but continuing beyond Claremont.
  • On June 15, 2007, the Ontario government announced plans to fund this extension as part of a network of rapid transit growth called MoveOntario 2020.
  • MoveOntario 2020 initiatives subsequently fell under the umbrella of Metrolinx's regional transportation plan (RTP), called The Big Move.
  • MoveOntario 2020 was a plan proposed by the Government of Ontario that would fund 52 rapid-transit projects throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area in Ontario, Canada.
  • The project, estimated to cost $259 million, is funded as part of the Government of Ontario's MoveOntario 2020 plan, with both the federal and provincial governments contributing up to a total of $173 million.
  • Thus while the Kitchener-Waterloo RT project was not a formal part of MoveOntario 2020, the government treated it in the same fashion as the MoveOntario 2020 projects.
  • The plan builds on 52 GO train, subway, light rail and bus rapid transit projects proposed by the Government of Ontario in its MoveOntario 2020 plan announced on June 15, 2007, and includes new projects to support them.
  • According to MoveOntario 2020, a Scarborough RT extension plan outlined a northeast extension from McCowan to the Malvern neighbourhood.
  • These plans came to fruition when Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the expansion of the Richmond Hill line north to Aurora Road as part of the provincial governments new MoveOntario 2020 transit funding initiative.
  • In the original MoveOntario 2020 plan, only Mississauga is supposed to get the LRT, ending only at Highway 407 (which is the boundary), located in an industrial area and a hydro corridor.
  • The Stouffville line of GO Transit is proposed to be extended to Uxbridge (As part of MoveOntario 2020 plan), but is currently served by buses to the GO Transit station at Lincolnville.
  • This was later dwarfed by a further slate of new GO infrastructure proposed in MoveOntario 2020, the provincial transit plan announced by Premier Dalton McGuinty in the leadup to the 2007 provincial election.
  • On 25 March 2010, the Ontario provincial government announced their decision to postpone $4 billion of funding to Metrolinx for the MoveOntario 2020 project, which included funding for Transit City.
  • Simultaneous with the announcement of MoveOntario 2020, the government announced its intention to fund the development of rapid transit in Kitchener-Waterloo in the same fashion as the MoveOntario projects (i.e., a two-thirds commitment, with the federal government paying the balance).
  • The province's $17.5 billion MoveOntario 2020 plan calls for a total number of 52 transit projects in the GTA to be funded, with 95% of the projects completed by the year 2020.
  • This was replaced by a planned Dundas LRT run by MiWay going from Kipling to Hurontario Street, linking to the planned Hurontario LRT as part of the MoveOntario 2020 transit plan.