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  • The Movellans want the Doctor to do the same for them, which the Doctor refuses to do.
  • Two Movellans bring in a new prisoner, the man who has been following the Doctor and Romana.
  • Being androids, the Movellans are stronger and have more endurance than normal humans.
  • Meanwhile, Tyssan leads the prisoners in an attack on the Movellans, deactivating them all.
  • The Doctor is astonished to hear that the Movellans are here to wage war against the Daleks.
  • He orders them to make a suicide bombing attack on the Movellan craft upon realising that the Doctor might do the same thing for the Movellans.
  • He finds Romana but is captured by the Movellans.
  • The Doctor, Tyssan and three Movellans find Romana and head into the Dalek headquarters.
  • The Movellans test their nova device: a weapon which changes air molecules so that a planet's atmosphere becomes flammable and can be set alight, killing all life.
  • The Doctor confirms his suspicion that the Movellans are actually robots, by removing the power pack on her belt and deactivating her.
  • This impasse continued for nearly a century until the Movellans finally developed a weapon capable of breaking it -- a highly virulent biological agent that targeted Daleks.
  • The Movellans outwardly resemble physically attractive humans, of various ethnicities and both genders.
  • Romana reaches the Movellan spaceship; but learns that the Movellans are not as altruistic as they appear when they knock her out.
  • The Doctor learns that the Daleks and Movellans have been in a stalemate for over two centuries, and that both sides' battle computers have been calculating the best strategy and precise moment at which to attack.
  • The Daleks unearth their creator - who had apparently been in suspended animation since his "death" in Genesis -- to help them break a logical impasse in their war against the android Movellans.
  • The Movellans, who made their first and only appearance to date in the Fourth Doctor serial Destiny of the Daleks, originated from outside the galaxy and were adversaries of the Daleks.
  • The Doctor informs Davros that the Movellans have been disabled; unfortunately Davros does not believe him and intends to destroy the Movellan ship anyway.
  • The Daleks sent an expedition to the ruins of Skaro to recover Davros and seek his help to upgrade their designs in the hope of finding a way through the impasse, and the Movellans sent an expedition to stop them.
  • During the time Davros was sleeping, the Daleks had abandoned the ruins of Skaro and established a vast interstellar empire, eventually encountering a hostile race of androids called the Movellans.
  • In the previous Dalek story, Destiny of the Daleks, set during the war with the Movellans, it was implied that the Daleks had lost their organic component and become entirely robotic.
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