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  • Then he passed into a strange and moveless quiet of mind and body. Cited from The Weavers, by G. Parker, v4
  • Indeed, I never saw face or figure so moveless, except in death. Cited from Room in the Dragon Volant, by J. Sheridan LeFanu
  • She might have been the ghost of some dead life, so moveless was her face. Cited from Men, Women, and Ghosts, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
  • He, on his part, had not observed that the moveless door stood open at last. Cited from Robert Falconer, by George MacDonald
  • Everything looked like a moveless picture -- a study in still life. Cited from The Secret Power, by Marie Corelli
  • The office-door opened, and he heard not; his name was called, and he remained equally moveless. Cited from Ordeal Richard Feverel by G. Meredith, v2
  • The very ground trembled for a second under his feet and then was solid and moveless again. Cited from Mr. Prohack, by E. Arnold Bennett
  • It held her moveless till the soft step of the tennis shoes died away. Cited from The Incomplete Amorist, by E. Nesbit
  • Then on level, all but moveless wing, he sailed away toward the horizon. Cited from Earth's Enigmas, by Charles G. D. Roberts
  • His form stayed moveless upon the river steps while the wave of realization played. Cited from Foes, by Mary Johnston
  • It seemed, indeed, as if death must have already come; at least it could not make him more moveless than he was. Cited from The Night Horseman, by Max Brand
  • Her wings kept straight above her head, moveless, still. Cited from Angel Island, Inez Haynes Gillmore
  • I lay almost moveless, almost dead, shifting only at long intervals from side to side. Cited from Sacred And Profane Love , by E. Arnold Bennett
  • Far off toward the camp the breakfast fire sent a shaft of blue smoke straight into the moveless air. Cited from A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories, by Frank Norris
  • One glance at his moveless eyes is enough to prove that. Cited from The Secret Power, by Marie Corelli
  • Silent almost always, it was nothing that he should sit silent now, quiet, moveless, gone away apparently among the stars. Cited from Foes, by Mary Johnston
  • The artist has caught the spirit of motion and chained it in these moveless figures. Cited from Views a-foot, by J. Bayard Taylor
  • The other men lay beside it, moveless, asleep with their clothes on. Cited from Angel Island, Inez Haynes Gillmore
  • Again the specks would begin to grow larger, and the birds would return easily on moveless wings. Cited from Sister Teresa, by George Moore
  • In each age, each country, we have assumed life to be necessarily what it was -- a moveless fact. Cited from Our Androcentric Culture, Charlotte P. Gilman
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