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  • He turned away and looked down into the bottom of the mountain's cup. Cited from The Lookout Man, by B. M. Bower
  • The latter especially became an important direct route through the mountains.
  • The following are listed from the mountain's southern end to its northern end.
  • They even now light their camp-fire by the stream at the mountain's base. Cited from The Great Salt Lake Trail, by Colonel Henry Inman
  • The Red Sea may have been named after these mountains, which are red.
  • Mountain snow covering has also been known to occur during the other seasons.
  • Then a fire passes the mountain, but God is not in the fire.
  • Snow is rare on the coast throughout the winter but is very common in the mountains.
  • The flow of cold, gray mountain water continues for some distance into the lake.
  • A lane turned from the high road, which led to the mountain's base. Cited from What Necessity Knows, by Lily Dougall
  • Thus situated, the mountains make travel from north to south difficult.
  • The state is a small one in the mountains of west central Greece.
  • Before shooting started, the crew of the film was given training in snow-covered mountains.
  • There are several different theories about the meaning of the mountain's name.
  • You have plains on one side and a very high range of mountains on the other.
  • For example, mountains in the distance often appear blue.
  • The great bird was high in the air and flying towards the far-off mountains with all his money. Cited from Fifty Famous People, by James Baldwin
  • This structure may result in a mountain pass.
  • Signal Mountain's history dates back years before settlement of the mountain itself.
  • It lies upon them like a mountain's weight! Cited from Present at a Hanging et al., by Bierce
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Meaning of mountain

  • noun A land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill