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  • Her motive was the belief that each husband had taken her sister from her.
  • Due to the nature of the train, a high degree of motive power was required.
  • He believed that only the workers have the motive and power to do that.
  • It has been suggested he may have had a commercial motive as well as a religious one.
  • Let the motive for action be in the action itself and not in the event.
  • Thus these ships gained motive power without significantly increasing the ship's weight.
  • These usually smaller units have no motive drive and require external force to move them.
  • An act can therefore not be wrong if the decision to act was based on a right motive.
  • His real motive may have been money, or perhaps that he was also working for the British.
  • Until then only her anti-nuclear work had been suspected as a political motive.
  • One motive is the language skills needed during their professional lives.
  • This motive was used also in the next decades as primary or second choice.
  • However, this railroad isn't part of its own company with its own motive power.
  • These vehicles usually carry motive power in each individual unit.
  • With horses, one person could control both the motive power and the implement.
  • Kant points out that every motive has an intended effect on the world.
  • Due to the limited area available on each vehicle either speed or range or both are limited when used for motive power.
  • No motive was established nor did he offer any explanation.
  • The police are unable to find a motive for the attempted murder.
  • They all have the "short-short-short-long" four-note motive embedded into each movement.
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