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  • Research has shown that the flying fish has undergone morphological changes throughout its history.
  • These changes reflected a morphological analysis of species that had been presented three years earlier.
  • In spite of this there is no morphological way to separate the two species.
  • The morphological jump this time was not as large as previous changes between language families.
  • Changes are likely to occur as new morphological and genetic data become available.
  • Some researchers have suggested they are the same species, but morphological and life-history evidence shows otherwise.
  • The basic morphological structure of the human breast is the same in both male and female children.
  • The two species differ in a number of morphological characters in addition to size.
  • This division was based on a number of what were thought to be key morphological characteristics.
  • The split was originally proposed based on morphological features but it has also found support based upon genetic analysis.
  • It has been described as falling outside the standard morphological classification system.
  • Further south similar morphological types are known, but they are of different wares.
  • The move significantly increased the morphological and geographical range found within the group.
  • One major morphological difference among species sharing one island is beak size and shape.
  • It is also monandric where only one morphological male type is present.
  • Four distinct landscape types, or morphological units, can be distinguished in the region.
  • Other animals use their appearance as a type of morphological defense to avoid being noticed by predators.
  • Because there is no morphological distinction between the two, they are considered to constitute a single class.
  • Amaranthus shows a wide variety of morphological diversity among and even within certain species.
  • The morphological similarity of all six species shows that little evolutionary change has taken place recently for these ancient fish.
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