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  • It later formed into a museum, and was originally named the Moorabbin Air Museum.
  • Most of the eastern side of Moorabbin has been an industrial area since the first development in the mid-1960s.
  • Moorabbin is also well known locally for its residential area built after World War II.
  • Moorabbin Oval remains part of the club's training, administration and entertainment base.
  • Later in the year many of the aircraft were taken to a market garden adjacent to Moorabbin Airport.
  • He is also a pilot for an air freight service at Moorabbin airport.
  • He was also a loyal eight-year player of the Moorabbin Magic.
  • The company moved its scheduled operations to its home base at Moorabbin in July 1987.
  • After home games ceased being played at Moorabbin Oval, the club maintained its training and administrative base at the ground.
  • Moorabbin Oval remains the club's training, administration and entertainment base.
  • With no other options available at such short notice, Moorabbin sat out of football in 1964.
  • He played 96 senior games over five seasons for Moorabbin.
  • The name Moorabbin applied from the earliest days of the Port Phillip settlement and remains today.
  • He played his junior rugby at Moorabbin Rams and played age-group representative rugby for Victoria.
  • The building was modified several times to meet the growing demands of the municipality, as was Moorabbin Town Hall.
  • He would play every game until Round 6 where he suffered a season-ending injury against at Moorabbin Oval.
  • Moorabbin railway station is located on the Frankston line in Victoria, Australia.
  • Two morning peak hour services from Flinders Street terminate at Moorabbin and return to the city.
  • The Frankston line has a number of peak hour express services in the direction of peak travel that use the third track from Moorabbin.
  • Moorabbin is also used for a small number of regional airline services, most notably to King Island, Tasmania.
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