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  • For some time, he is unable to change out of his large, monstrous form.
  • Other stories either give them completely monstrous appearance, or none at all.
  • The men wait for her to come back where they see the monstrous form she's now become.
  • She grew with her brother until the time when Charles sensed her monstrous thoughts.
  • It depicts a monstrous aircraft with human arms flying over an open field.
  • Together they face and defeat the king's monstrous half.
  • Some of the body parts are more human-like while others have claws and are more monstrous in appearance.
  • To most ears these tracks sound rather evil or monstrous.
  • Also in the film, her true appearance is considerably more monstrous.
  • Its first face was on its stomach and appeared monstrous (spoke like a male).
  • On top of him is a monstrous entity who he tries to fight.
  • The novel tells the story of a professor who discovers a monstrous plot.
  • The goddess has a monstrous head and she is sitting in a boat.
  • The Germans got a good picture of this monstrous mass of men and material and later easily destroyed it.
  • These produce monstrous deformed children who are disposed of when they are no longer needed for study.
  • The Creation King also had monstrous strength that could destroy the entire universe.
  • He could also now grow to monstrous size.
  • A reply was made that it was the woman who had had the monstrous birth.
  • He is in a very monstrous sort of state.
  • The boy revealed his true, monstrous forms to the cyborg hero, and then fought against him.
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