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  • Though there are seven species in this family, five of them are monotypic.
  • This genus is the only known member of its family, which is thus monotypic.
  • The family is monotypic, having a single genus, with seven species.
  • Three of these are monotypic (contain only one species), while two others contain only two species.
  • A few range into Europe; one monotypic genus on west coast of North America.
  • It is the only genus in its family that is not monotypic.
  • There are several subspecies, making up two large groups and three to five small or monotypic ones.
  • The family contains just four species in two genera, one of which is monotypic.
  • A few range into Europe; one monotypic genus on the west coast of North America.
  • As it probably forms a cline over its entire range, the species is often considered monotypic.
  • Despite its extensive range, it is monotypic of its genus, and has no subspecies accepted either.
  • Because of its monotypic family status it is much sought after by birdwatchers.
  • A monotypic species has no distinct population or races, or rather one race comprising the whole species.
  • It is monotypic, being the only species in its genus.
  • The present species was in former times sometimes placed in a monotypic genus Homopelia.
  • It is so far the only known member of the monotypic genus Javichthys.
  • For example, a family which contains a single genus is said to be monotypic, even if that genus comprises many species.
  • In former times, the genus was usually treated as monotypic.
  • Some monotypic sections have not been included in the study, so that their place in this system is unclear.
  • The other genera are small or even monotypic, and are less common.
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Meaning of monotypic

  • adjective Consisting of only one type