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  • Both numbers are monotonically increasing with time; they only ever increase.
  • A sequence is said to be monotonically increasing if each term is greater than or equal to the one before it.
  • Some changes occur, however, if the monotonically decreasing function is b or c; let it be c.
  • The self-discharge rate did not increase monotonically with state-of-charge, but dropped somewhat at intermediate states of charge.
  • The matter of wonder is that, even without choice, general metrics are monotonically normal.
  • The former decreases monotonically and contains no information about the molecular structure.
  • If the magnetic field is now reduced monotonically, follows a different curve.
  • If it is known that key values will always increase monotonically, an alternative approach to consistent hashing is possible.
  • The bounds may have almost any shapes, including step functions, so long as they are monotonically increasing and do not cross each other.
  • YAFFS2 marks every newly written block with a sequence number that is monotonically increasing.
  • A less-is-more effect means that the function between accuracy and n is inversely U-shaped rather than monotonically increasing.
  • With increasing storage capacity, sites can monotonically record what they read from the Internet as well as monotonically recording their own operations.
  • Instead of using that form of the constraint, the monotonically increasing resistance function used in traffic assignment can be used.
  • Reversing the key value is particularly useful for indexing data such as sequence numbers, where new key values monotonically increase.
  • An important property of monotonically normal spaces is that any two separated subsets are strongly separated there.
  • For example a transactions might be assigned a monotonically increasing timestamp when it is created.
  • It will never become invisible -- indeed, the radiation of visible light increases monotonically with temperature.
  • The angular spacing between higher orders monotonically decreases and higher orders can get very close to each other, while lower ones are well separated.
  • No further pickups are available, so each player's condition monotonically decreases through the game, until they are killed and reborn.
  • In view of the fact that F in its order topology is monotonically normal, we would expect M to be at least regular.
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