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  • For example, lead was cold and dry and gold was hot and moist.
  • Some occur in more moist areas, such as the mountains of central Africa.
  • The first version of Moist was just breaking up when the four decided to do some writing together.
  • They lay their eggs on moist ground, rather than in water.
  • They do most of their feeding in places where the soil is moist.
  • Their habitat can range from moist, to dry areas around central and southern Texas.
  • They also live in the most moist and sometimes dry gardens.
  • Spring and fall are also moist seasons, with light rain falling for long periods.
  • The result is a moist ball about the size of a baseball.
  • Most species lay their eggs in moist ground, typically under rocks or vegetation.
  • Thus, any volume of dry air will sink if placed in a larger volume of moist air.
  • The mountains north and west catch the southeast trade winds, producing moist conditions year round.
  • They are one-cell thick and provide a moist and extremely large surface area for gas exchange to occur.
  • It does well in moist conditions but also can tolerate dry conditions as long as water is available.
  • They are formed by warm, moist air being lifted slowly to a very high altitude.
  • Summers will be warm, hot and moist due to the surrounding lake area.
  • In the more moist areas, some closed coniferous forest stands may appear.
  • They remain inactive in this state until the environment becomes moist again.
  • It is moist across southeast sections, and dry across much of the interior.
  • Reportedly the flesh on one of her arms was still white and moist.
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