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  • A number of small modifications have taken place when each additional bell was added.
  • Any future modifications can be made by changing how the original part was created.
  • These rules have gone through a lot of modifications over the years.
  • Many types of body modification are subject to strong social debate as such.
  • The original season seven opening, with slight modifications, was also used in season eight.
  • The result was a very minor modification, but this new design was dropped a few years later.
  • Thus no special modifications are required to be made to operating systems which would otherwise not know about them.
  • The effect is thus either a real or apparent modification of the cause.
  • In many countries, some of these modifications are required for legal recognition.
  • Various modifications have been made to aircraft previously in service.
  • The reports were good, and a few modifications were later incorporated into the design.
  • A few years later, however, he introduced modifications to the language charter.
  • Video game design starts with an idea, often a modification on an existing concept.
  • Surface modification of materials has often led to new and improved properties.
  • Several additions and modifications have been made to the building since the original construction.
  • The rule change remains in effect, though subject to modifications.
  • Minor modifications were made to the mine during its service.
  • The scoreboard has remained in place ever since, and has only seen minor modifications.
  • This system was extended to include field modifications of the fuel tank system.
  • As a result, minor modifications to the ground will be necessary.
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Meaning of modification

  • noun Slightly modified copy; not an exact copy
    a modification of last year's model
  • noun The grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase