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  • He said the government and administration failed to protect women and girls' modesty.
  • Chinese culture highly values the group over the individual, as well as modesty.
  • Paintings are sometimes changed because of changed modesty standards, and later sometimes changed back.
  • He is distinguished by his low profile and modesty despite the success he has received.
  • The technique can also be used by women to cover their private parts to maintain their modesty.
  • His modesty and his hard play made him a fan favorite that year.
  • His modesty made him very popular among the people.
  • In her time, she was praised for her modesty and deep religious feelings.
  • He may subjoin his own opinion, but he must do it with great modesty. Cited from Boswell's Correspondence with Erskine ... Tour to Corsica, by Boswell
  • Grey is the color most often associated in Europe and America with modesty.
  • Some artists added elements to make the scene more exotic, while others removed elements out of modesty.
  • His modesty and reclusiveness make him seem a person people can trust in.
  • Men and women are subject to different standards of modesty in dress.
  • There is a certain modesty of conscience which would perhaps be more becoming. Cited from By the Christmas Fire, by Samuel McChord Crothers
  • She is very much a favourite of every person due to her modesty and wisdom.
  • He is well known for his works on Jewish Law concerning the laws of modesty.
  • With characteristic modesty he said that he expected his small team, usually four, to work with him rather than for him.
  • Rules on modesty also include women being asked to wear no more than one pair of earrings.
  • True modesty and true pride are much the same thing. Cited from Book of Wise Sayings, by W. A. Clouston
  • You see my modesty stood in my way. Cited from Will Weatherhelm, by W.H.G. Kingston
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Meaning of modesty

  • noun Freedom from vanity or conceit
  • noun Formality and propriety of manner