Modest Tchaikovsky

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  • His brother Modest Tchaikovsky stated that he believed other movements had been composed, but destroyed by the composer.
  • Later, he visited Modest Tchaikovsky's apartment during the composer's final illness.
  • As with other unfinished compositions there is much speculation as to why the work was apparently abandoned after the completion of the first movement, despite the comments by Modest Tchaikovsky mentioned earlier.
  • After his brother's death, Modest Tchaikovsky asked the composer's friend and former student Sergei Taneyev to go through the sketches of compositions left unfinished.
  • Both Taneyev and Modest Tchaikovsky questioned at some length how the work should be presented -- as an independent concert piece, as part of a two-movement concerto-type work, or in purely orchestral form.
  • Modest Tchaikovsky described her as "pudgy and unattractive".
  • Also (ibid, p88) 'Modest Tchaikovsky wrote a long letter to his brother on 24 October 1874, after having heard a rehearsal of the second quartet at the Davydovs and the first public performance.
  • When Modest Tchaikovsky died in 1916, he willed the house to the Moscow Department of the Russian Musical Society, with the requirement that it strictly follow the rules of the Mozart Museum in Salzburg and the Beethoven Museum in Bonn.