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  • She has put away her old things and has become a modest woman.
  • This modest community appears to have been abandoned during the same time period.
  • He needed a break-out performance, but what he got was a modest victory.
  • The show was a modest success in its network run, despite some serious production problems.
  • As a result, the family started their new lives with rather modest quarters.
  • However, the one-piece suit continued to be popular for its more modest approach.
  • The houses constructed were modest one- and two-story wood-frame buildings.
  • In fact, upon his death many years later, it was shown he had earned very modest means.
  • While the village was established to take advantage of water power, its industrial base has always been modest.
  • While the film was only a modest box office success, it was a huge critical success.
  • Possibly this consideration made you go away much modester than you came. Cited from Roman Holidays and Others, by W. D. Howells
  • He lives in a modest cottage and has no official connection to any public authorities.
  • At first the production seemed merely to be a modest success.
  • Initial development plans on the island had been modest: light industrial development and a low rise business park.
  • The modest house in which he lived is still preserved, and can be visited.
  • What is considered modest or daring in one society might not be considered so in another.
  • Several follow-up singles also met with modest success in the UK and elsewhere.
  • Over the next decades the club enjoyed only modest success playing in local leagues.
  • A modest temple may have been associated with the larger villages.
  • A wife, also, was expected to be modest, even if the only other person present with her was her husband.
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Meaning of modest

  • adjective Marked by simplicity; having a humble opinion of yourself
    a modest apartment, too modest to wear his medals
  • adjective Not offensive to sexual mores in conduct or appearance