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  • The modal register begins and ends in different places within the human voice.
  • The town is well served by a multi-modal public transport system.
  • These windows are not modal windows in the sense that they never hide the construction.
  • We use modal verbs to state how sure we are about something.
  • It was the use of modal rhythm, however, that would make these two men great.
  • Within other forms of singing, chest voice is often applied throughout the modal register.
  • One uses the modal verb may, e.g. May you have a long life!
  • Here is a list of several common modal systems.
  • According to qua-theory we can talk about some of an object's modal properties.
  • The multi-modal terminal serves over one million air, rail and bus passengers each year.
  • The modal model of memory is an explanation of how memory processes work.
  • Its modal system is based on the ancient Greek models.
  • Modal voice is the vocal register used most frequently in speech and singing in most languages.
  • Modal controls are best placed where the focus is in the task flow.
  • For details of the uses of the particular modals, see below.
  • In classical singing, its use is limited entirely to the lower part of the modal register or normal voice.
  • This holds if a world may have more than one successor, which is true for most modal logic.
  • The operators F and G may seem initially foreign, but they create normal modal systems.
  • It takes the place of English modal verbs such as can, could, would, might, may.
  • We will assume the existence of such fixed points for every modal formula with one free variable.
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Meaning of modal

  • adjective Of or relating to a musical mode; especially written in an ecclesiastical mode
  • adjective Relating to or expressing the mood of a verb
    modal auxiliary