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  • Info In chemistry, a mixture is a material system made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically. more...
  • The mixture was to be such that the test animal would die after four days.
  • The importance of each individual influence in this mixture changes over time.
  • He wrote frequently of the mixture of beauty and violence in the natural world.
  • The gas mixture produced by this process is known as wood gas.
  • Common air was then a mixture of two distinct chemical species with quite different properties.
  • One example would be a mixture of water and oil.
  • The various forms of life are caused by an appropriate mixture of elements.
  • The following table shows the main properties of the three families of mixtures.
  • The band would record a mixture of live and studio albums for the label over the next decade.
  • Butter mixtures now make up a significant portion of the table spread market.
  • Most of these are complex mixtures of three or more species and all parents are not always clearly known.
  • Often the image appears as a distorted mixture of up and down parts.
  • The ice and salt mixture should be higher around the can than the level of the mixture inside. Cited from School and Home Cooking, by Carlotta C. Greer
  • The moon is a mixture of both earth and fire.
  • Power output can be increased by using very rich air fuel mixtures.
  • Their hair comes in a variety of colors, in red, dark blue and all mixtures between.
  • They used a mixture of themselves and session musicians on the album.
  • The mixture is placed over low heat and simmered until quite clear.
  • But these stages are not all good, but rather are mixtures of good and bad.
  • More recently however, it is believed that dementia is often a mixture of both conditions.
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Meaning of mixture

  • noun (chemistry) a substance consisting of two or more substances mixed together (not in fixed proportions and not with chemical bonding)