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  • Some mitochondrial functions are performed only in specific types of cells.
  • This disease was initially thought to be X linked but was subsequently shown to be mitochondrial.
  • Additional mitochondrial DNA research is being performed to determine whether additional subspecies may exist.
  • Other fields of application are e.g. sports science and the connection between mitochondrial function and aging.
  • Some medical conditions are carried only by the female line such as X-linked conditions and some Mitochondrial diseases.
  • Scientists sort mitochondrial DNA results into more or less related groups, with more or less recent common ancestors.
  • Complex I deficiency is the reason behind over thirty percent of human mitochondrial diseases.
  • Evidence found through the study of mitochondrial DNA suggests that there are several factors at play.
  • This mitochondrial theory has been more widely accepted that it could play a major role in contributing to the aging process.
  • This would be brought about by an increase in mitochondrial size and number and the associated related changes not a change in fiber type.
  • Many slight variants have been discovered since, including various alternative mitochondrial codes.
  • His later work has focused on the areas of mitochondrial biology and cell metabolism.
  • Some sources hold that its mitochondrial genome contains no introns at all.
  • Today mitochondrial respirometry is mainly performed with a closed-chamber approach.
  • This is four times as large and contains two times as many protein genes as do animal mitochondrial genomes.
  • In theory, this makes possible a single-generation shift of overall mitochondrial genotype.
  • All but one were compared on only mitochondrial DNA, so they might have come from her mother or a sibling.
  • The companies providing equipment for whole-animal rspirometry mentioned above are usually not involved in mitochondrial respiromety.
  • This common ancestor became widely known in the media and popular culture as the Mitochondrial Eve.
  • In all these cases, the mitochondrial genes are inherited from the mother, as usual.
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