missional living

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  • Info In Christianity, missional living is the adoption of the posture, thinking, behaviors, and practices of a missionary in order to engage others with the gospel message. more...
  • Members of the movement often place a high value on good works or social activism, including missional living.
  • This beneficent involvement in culture is part of what is called missional living.
  • Missional living is a term that is used in contrast with historical institutional churches.
  • Missional living is the embodiment of the mission of Jesus in the world by incarnating the gospel.
  • Missional living leads to a focus on temporal and social issues, in contrast with a perceived evangelical overemphasis on salvation.
  • The vision of All Angels' is to see people transformed by the gospel, formed into the image of Christ, and empowered for missional living.
  • The Awaken Movement serves as the international umbrella organisation for Awaken UK, which is the local network of communities participating in missional living.
  • This focus on missional living and practicing radical hospitality has led many emerging churches to deepen what they are doing by developing a rhythm of life, and a vision of missional loving engagement with the world.