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  • I never at any time or place or in any way misrepresented that organization. Cited from The Red Record, by Ida B. Wells-Barnett
  • Some one had reported us to the police and had misrepresented what we were doing. Cited from Trials and Triumphs of Faith, by Mary Cole
  • He wrote the real life story because he felt men were misrepresented in contemporary fiction.
  • Although she may have been misrepresented, she made no attempt to defend herself.
  • He saw that he should be forced to misrepresent, and this he did not like. Cited from The Young Explorer, by Horatio Alger
  • His enemies, even, never found him misrepresenting or speaking other than the truth. Cited from How to Teach Religion, by George Herbert Betts
  • "He might keep things from you, but he has no right to misrepresent women." Cited from Paradise Garden, by George Gibbs
  • The work was lost to the Western world and often misrepresented for a long time.
  • First, because so to state it is to misrepresent the entire case. Cited from Causes of the Corruption of the Holy Gospels, by John Burgon
  • He has also been accused of misrepresenting the sources he uses in that regard.
  • It will seem so the more because until very recently China has been constantly misrepresented to us. Cited from The Crest-Wave of Evolution, by Kenneth Morris
  • With the officers in the gun-room I lost ground, because it was misrepresented. Cited from Frank Mildmay, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • The company has been accused of misrepresenting its relationship with the university.
  • They deceived her first because they misrepresented themselves and did not say they were police officials. Cited from Pathology of Lying, Etc. by William and Mary Healy
  • To say that he had fallen in love with the situation would be to misrepresent him. Cited from Judith of the Plains, by Marie Manning
  • "Then she has misrepresented you?" he cried, taking several steps toward her. Cited from Castle Craneycrow, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • We know no one who has been more cruelly misrepresented than the subject of this notice. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 17, No. 490
  • I think I do not misrepresent him when I say it. Cited from Joy in Service; etc., by American Tract Society
  • Been misrepresented However, no evidence that this has been the case.
  • England has misrepresented to all Europe this ground of the war. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 4 (of 4), ed. by T.J. Randolph
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How misrepresent gets used

Meaning of misrepresent

  • verb Represent falsely
    This statement misrepresents my intentions