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  • The name is misleading because a simple group can in fact be very complex.
  • The Scene continued for the second season of the series with a misleading name.
  • The term market economy used by itself can be somewhat misleading.
  • Also, the names can be considered misleading for the general public.
  • He explores how recent studies have been producing misleading results between the two.
  • However, the commonly held idea that Japan was entirely closed is misleading.
  • Letters sent home by the expedition created a misleading impression that everything was going according to plan.
  • However, there has been much controversy over a misleading piece of information that was included with the system.
  • Churchill's own account of these events, written six years later, is misleading.
  • Over time the process has earned a misleading reputation for being simply too impractical.
  • Thus it is misleading, for example, to consider Old English as having a single sound system.
  • Yet lying is a misleading word to explain the thought processes of the little artist.
  • Many species share common names, and many common names are taxonomically misleading.
  • However, other sources raise the possibility that this statement may have been misleading.
  • Blood is commonly understood to mean race-feeling, and this is partially true but misleading.
  • As with many other military ranks, direct comparison between various armies might be misleading.
  • The term is a little misleading because it has nothing to do with the heat of the lightning itself.
  • Although misleading, the term began to be applied to all the nutrient matter.
  • Other sectors of the economy have been growing more quickly than agriculture, although this growth can be misleading.
  • It is a very misleading title, as many species that fall into the category do not have a soft bill at all.
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Root form of misleading is mislead for the verb.

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Meaning of misleading

  • verb Lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions
    The pedestrian misdirected the out-of-town driver