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  • He saw a beautiful mirror through the window of which he features in his story.
  • Then she went to the guest room to stand before the full-length mirror there. Cited from Her Father's Daughter, by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • The game was one of the first to include a rear-view mirror.
  • The house was a one-story building which featured numerous two way mirrors around the walls.
  • The other player's pieces are set up to mirror the first's.
  • Each face is, seen from the outside, the mirror image of the opposite face.
  • But when she turns to face them they are not there, only in the mirror.
  • They also need to have their self-worth mirrored by these people.
  • The structure inside of these groups mirrors that of the whole society.
  • Most of the letters have more than one common form, including mirror-images of the forms shown here.
  • In response, the company extended its product line to include lower-quality glass and mirrors.
  • The number of sections is generally thought to mirror the number of weeks in the year.
  • One whose soul mirrored the soul of his people, yet whose vision was universal.
  • In effect, others are a mirror in which we can see ourselves.
  • He moved his head a bit and eyed me in the rear view mirror. Cited from Highways in Hiding, by George Oliver Smith
  • This teaching program has worked so well that it has been mirrored by a number of other bands.
  • The final movement mirrors the first, the second theme from the first movement seeing extensive use.
  • But the driver sees the two coming out armed, from his rear-view mirror.
  • Usually, all the mirrors in such a field are controlled by a single computer.
  • Our products would be so many mirrors in which we saw reflected our essential nature.
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Meaning of mirror

  • noun Polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
  • noun A faithful depiction or reflection
    the best mirror is an old friend
  • verb Reflect as if in a mirror
    The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above
  • verb Reflect or resemble
    The plane crash in Milan mirrored the attack in the World Trade Center