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  • This created a system of ministerial government to replace the previous committee-based administration.
  • During this period no ministerial roles happened to have been awarded to any of the members.
  • The position was for many years a low key ministerial position.
  • However, she was re-elected and continued in the ministerial role.
  • She is a former member of the National Assembly and has held several ministerial positions.
  • This could be seen as a considerable promotion for someone without prior ministerial experience.
  • In addition, five individuals held positions that granted them ministerial status.
  • The college offers bachelor of arts or science degrees in various ministerial fields.
  • They also held four out of ten ministerial positions.
  • The department is a non-ministerial government department and executive agency.
  • He therefore was required to resign his seat and stand for a ministerial by-election.
  • In many cases, individuals have served in ministerial or other political positions before being elected Speaker.
  • Serving ministers are not allowed to be members, but members may previously have held ministerial positions.
  • Only male members may serve in the capacity of elder or ministerial servant.
  • During this time she served in several parliamentary and ministerial positions.
  • Over the succeeding three months attempts to form another stable ministerial combination failed.
  • Never having been in government before, the party lacked experienced persons for the ministerial positions.
  • Prime ministerial government is a government where the prime minister is dominant in terms of the executive.
  • She was dismissed from her ministerial post by the Prime Minister the same day.
  • He also held couple of other ministerial positions while part of the KANU government.
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Synonyms of ministerial

Meaning of ministerial

  • adjective Of or relating to a minister of religion or the minister's office
    ministerial duties
  • adjective Of or relating to a government minister or ministry
    ministerial decree