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  • This placed them near the ship's centre of motion which minimised movement.
  • The difference between the pay of the higher and lower services should be minimised. Cited from Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose, by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose
  • To their credit be it said that they did what they could to minimise the evil. Cited from The Religion of Numa, by Jesse Benedict Carter
  • Currently this has been minimised with the local farmer's kind co-operation.
  • Every attempt to minimise the struggle of those earlier ages has failed. Cited from The War and the Churches, by Joseph McCabe
  • One then should choose the action a * which minimises the expected loss.
  • They did this to minimise its environmental impact & to keep down its economic costs.
  • To minimise weight they have operated light engine and with only a small amount of fuel.
  • It has been designed to minimise its effect on the environment.
  • This minimised the period during which the engine operated below its efficient operating speed.
  • However to minimise any confusion, it was agreed that records from these areas should remain within their ancient county.
  • This minimises the risk of a person or animal coming into contact with a live rail.
  • One of the goals of his architecture style is to minimise damage to the environment.
  • The complex was spread over a large area to minimise any damage from aerial attack.
  • A flight is typically planned to follow a direct route wherever possible to minimise flight length.
  • That may well be due to her high courage which minimised the ever-present dangers. Cited from Punch, Vol. 156, March 5, 1919, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • Engineering schools gave those loyal to the party only limited training in engineering, to minimise their potential political influence.
  • To minimise any resulting legal actions, the ceremony was to be performed in public.
  • Well, nothing will ever minimise our services to France. Cited from The Soul of the War, by Philip Gibbs, Intro. by Anthony Langley
  • It is low resolution to minimise the impact on his ability to profit from his work.
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