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  • Minimally, both male characters usually have some current or past association with both female characters.
  • Brown came with a small group of men minimally trained for military action.
  • Therefore, though they plan ahead, they plan only minimally because they do not have any anxiety to face.
  • He made sure that his face appeared minimally in them to avoid overexposing his image.
  • In many cases, no one but the deaf child attempts to sign more than minimally.
  • The model changed minimally from its original version because it was received extremely well at all of the conferences.
  • He was minimally conscious, able to understand his condition and the ones who surrounded him at the hospital.
  • Light rays entering from water into the flat parallel window change their direction minimally within the window material itself.
  • Walker would remain minimally involved in state politics for the rest of his life, but never run for elected office again.
  • Inside the house retains much of its original central-hall floor plan, minimally altered for its current use.
  • Depth of field is an important aspect of his work, and soft focus is used only minimally.
  • A maximum of one minimally disabled player may be on the court for each team at any one time.
  • They are only minimally connected to each episode's plot.
  • The park has been only minimally developed because the environment is so fragile and sensitive.
  • As a result, the majority created a new common law rule that was minimally intrusive.
  • They blow their coats once a year, but like most dogs shed minimally all year round.
  • At first, he only tries to help her minimally because he thinks he is hallucinating.
  • New parts must be clearly and visibly marked and at least they must be minimally different from the original historic material.
  • Brachypterous species are at most minimally capable of flight, other species not at all.
  • The majority felt that minimally intrusiveness required that a person be held no longer than necessary to determine their mental state.
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Meaning of minimally

  • adverb To a minimal degree
    the cells minimally responsive to lines in this orientation will not fire