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  • Info A miniature is a small-scale reproduction, or a small variation.
  • Each player goes through each of their miniatures, using the action points available to them.
  • A few half-finished miniatures give a good idea of his working technique.
  • Sometimes throughout the life of the game no miniatures would be released for months at a time.
  • This stand alone game now also serves as the game's official line of miniatures.
  • Whether other similar full-page miniatures have been removed is unknown.
  • Whether other similar full-page miniatures have been removed is unknown.
  • It is sometimes served standing up like a miniature mountain.
  • Others simply collect the miniatures because they like the way they look.
  • The final text of John ends with a half page miniature of two men.
  • A miniature effect is a special effect created for motion pictures and television programs using scale models.
  • Besides his works on mathematics and history, he is famous because of his miniatures.
  • Probably at least three different artists worked on the miniatures, but as was usual no names are given.
  • Many people use block games as campaign games for their miniatures battles.
  • Other games, particularly miniatures games are played on surfaces with no marked areas.
  • She created large artist's books and books in miniature.
  • In some games, miniature figures are used to determine line of sight.
  • Miniature horses also have their own shows, with a number of specialized classes.
  • At approximately total length they have been described as looking like miniature placoderms.
  • No movement rules included despite this being a miniatures game.
  • Participants in the camp create a miniature state government based on their state's actual government.
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Meaning of miniature

  • noun Painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)
  • noun A copy that reproduces a person or thing in greatly reduced size