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  • Info Militant is usually used to describe a person engaged in aggressive verbal or physical combat (e.g. an activist, revolutionary, terrorist or insurgent).
  • The party's militants continued operating together with and within left-wing groups.
  • Her militant nature aroused his interest and he made several attempts to meet her.
  • They have also become known for being a militant people.
  • If it failed, it would be a failure only for the Party militants.
  • By this time the second issue of the Militant had come out.
  • The back door then flew open, and two militants opened fire.
  • In the post-war years he became a militant anti-communist.
  • Many militant Islamic groups are also working in different parts of world.
  • Other photos of children dressed up as militants have been published since then.
  • Many members, both leaders and base militants left the movement.
  • But now there were new voices around him, offering a more militant approach.
  • A spokesman for the militant group said shortly after the news came out.
  • The organization has not engaged in militant activity since then.
  • As a part of the deal to free the plane, India released three militants.
  • They were also quite militant; the people learned that protesting can bring results.
  • She was released in exchange for the release of five militants.
  • Seeing no build-up of forces outside, the militants agreed.
  • Militants would be forced to put down instigators and keep the camp running.
  • Authorities said they believed that the militants were short of ammunition and would be captured soon.
  • At its establishment, it included a small number of female militants.
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Meaning of militant

  • noun A militant reformer