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  • Several other main characters left or joined the show midway through its run.
  • However, he was released midway through spring training in part due to a shoulder injury.
  • However, the idea was not quite dead as Midway passed it to their other sports games.
  • He was, however, written out of the show midway through the tenth season.
  • The team changed coaches midway through each of the next two seasons.
  • The name was changed upon the discovery that there already was another Midway in the state.
  • The grave is midway along the north wall of the northern section to the original cemetery.
  • The midway is the only part of the event operated on a for-profit basis.
  • Midway's local government consists of a mayor and four councillors elected to four year terms.
  • He crashed out later on the fifth of twelve turns near the midway point of the race.
  • This section created the park's main midway named Dream Street.
  • The location of Midway in the Pacific became important to the military.
  • Although he dropped out of school midway, Omarion began to perform at age five.
  • Midway Games also considered a video game adaptation of the film.
  • It is located midway between these two cities.
  • International Festival is most notable for its midway games.
  • Recently a new type of information transport midway between wired and wireless systems has been discovered.
  • Homecoming usually takes place about midway through the college football season which has been gaining popularity in recent years.
  • Midway also stated they would update all test version cabinets to remove these characters.
  • The Academy was an institution midway between a secondary school and an institution of higher learning.
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Meaning of midway

  • noun The place at a fair or carnival where sideshows and similar amusements are located
  • noun Naval battle of world war ii (june 1942); american planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a japanese fleet on its way to invade the midway islands