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  • The building is noted for its early post-war mid-rise construction.
  • A mid-rise commercial development has occurred instead on the site.
  • Several mid-rise buildings were also planned around the base of both towers.
  • Despite this, low- and mid-rise buildings were beginning construction.
  • The area is home to many mid-rise office buildings and scattered apartment buildings.
  • Many new mid-rise apartment and mixed-use developments have gone up in recent years.
  • It is a broad residential street of multiple family houses and low and mid rise apartment buildings.
  • The initial proposal provided a mix of high-rise, mid-rise and walk-up buildings.
  • There are fewer high or mid rise buildings in the area.
  • It is primarily a residential neighborhood, made up mostly of low to mid-rise apartment buildings.
  • Prior to this, there were only a handful of mid-rise multi-family buildings.
  • The area is a mix of mid-rise office buildings and scattered apartment buildings.
  • Today, mid-rise offices rise above the southeast portion of the bridges.
  • The surrounding area includes mid-rise government buildings and at-grade parking lots.
  • Mid-rise flats are near to the village green and it has a conservation area.
  • There are multiple public improvements and high-rise and mid-rise buildings under construction or approved and scheduled for construction.
  • To accommodate this heavy demand, mid-rise apartment buildings started being built by real estate developers.
  • The building is divided into three elevator zones: low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise.
  • The majority of structures in George are limited to low-mid rise development, most of which is in the commercial sector.
  • The residential tower has three sections: podium, mid rise and high rise.
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