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  • He paints metaphysically as a means of expression and his works often use dark colors.
  • Kong himself is metaphysically trying to determine his identity while in denial of his own death.
  • Bowie has also cited his own feelings about jumping into the unknown metaphysically.
  • The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality.
  • He also explains how the use of spiritual language in warfare is metaphysically appropriate.
  • The essential thought, whether the subject be metaphysically or practically considered, is this. Cited from The Destiny of the Soul, by William Rounseville Alger
  • The dualism of mind and matter, if we have been right so far, cannot be allowed as metaphysically valid. Cited from The Analysis of Mind, by Bertrand Russell
  • They are so imbued with metaphysics that they even make love metaphysically. Cited from The Jest Book, by Mark Lemon
  • In some cases, the hypothetical scenario might be considered metaphysically impossible, or impossible in any sense at all.
  • Logically, man is a part of the class, animal; metaphysically, animal is contained in man. Cited from Deductive Logic, by St. George Stock
  • For example, it might be metaphysically necessary, as some have thought, that all thinking beings have bodies and can experience the passage of time.
  • I am, metaphysically, as unexacting as the people of your generation. Cited from Indian Lily and Other Stories,by Hermann Sudermann
  • As visitors move through the hall way filled with these instruments, they are transported metaphysically to Tijuana.
  • Something was under discussion, and my grandfather could make nothing of it; but the Doctor said it was "metaphysically true." Cited from Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886, by Ministry of Education
  • I shall not attempt to analyze metaphysically this change. Cited from My Novel, by E. B. Lytton, Book 6
  • The boy is never loosed, physically or metaphysically, quite out of leading-strings. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine Vol. XVII. No. 101. May, 1876, by Various
  • The germ of truth in it is that metaphysically these effects may be said not to have existed till artists taught us to see and to look for them. Cited from Without Prejudice, by Israel Zangwill
  • Supervenience physicalism claims that all non-physical properties in the actual world metaphysically supervene upon the physical.
  • The law of reason and consequent he considered not as different, but merely as expressing metaphysically what these express logically.
  • Mason says of this work "I find the interior of a human head, metaphysically speaking a fascinating subject."
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  • adverb In a metaphysical manner
    he thinks metaphysically