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  • Their light weight and non-metallic construction has made them the choice of many military special forces.
  • The royal blue changed to navy blue, while the yellow changed to a metallic gold.
  • Metallic tools become more common but stone-made ones are also used.
  • The metallic deck, which appears very light despite its total mass of around, is long and wide.
  • Their common name comes from the metallic gold or silver shine of their eyes.
  • His speaking voice has a metallic quality, like a very high-speaking tenor.
  • The two metallic layers are forced together at high speed and with great force.
  • Because radio signals can travel through many non-metallic objects, radio can be picked up through walls.
  • The general colour of the upper parts of the adult bird is bright metallic blue.
  • It is brown- or blue-black with a metallic edge, turning to blue or sea green toward the tail.
  • The male has a metallic blue-green body and black wing tips.
  • Three metallic looking buildings are placed on the plain, surrounded by military vehicles and personnel.
  • The basic color is quite variable, but usually it is metallic blue-green.
  • A variety of other M-type asteroids do not fit well into a metallic body picture.
  • It sound very "metallic" and it is a very short and not exactly a song at all.
  • It is a deep, metallic bronze-gray above and white below.
  • An alternative for those who did not like metallics was a purple and brown color scheme.
  • Whatever the case in this respect, it appears that any metallic core region, if present, has not been exposed.
  • Warren has his normal white skin but seems to have metallic wings.
  • Metallic iron is generally produced in the laboratory by two methods.
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Synonyms of metallic

Meaning of metallic

  • noun A fabric made of a yarn that is partly or entirely of metal
  • noun A yarn made partly or entirely of metal
  • adjective Containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal
    a metallic compound, metallic luster, the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades"- Ambrose Bierce