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  • The oxygen is usually the only metabolically active component unless the gas is an anaesthetic mixture.
  • While many other enzymes and metabolically active proteins do turn over eventually, the photoreceptors shed the ends of their outer segments daily.
  • Large amounts of free iron in the circulation will cause damage to critical cells in the liver, the heart and other metabolically active organs.
  • If excess ventilation cannot be compensated metabolically, it will lead to a rise in blood pH.
  • In this context, inert gas refers to a gas which is not metabolically active.
  • Ravens engaged in flight are considered metabolically active.
  • This is metabolically more expensive, but allows more efficient water retention and it can be stored more easily in the egg.
  • The lens is metabolically active and requires nourishment in order to maintain its growth and transparency.
  • The cecum allows rabbits to digest, via fermentation what they otherwise would not be able to metabolically process.
  • It has meanwhile been shown that the most sensitive cells are those that are undifferentiated, well nourished, dividing quickly and highly active metabolically.
  • Though structurally and metabolically similar, the functions of rods and cones are quite different.
  • The two regions are metabolically overactive in treatment resistant major depression.
  • The absence of blood vessels in a repairing or otherwise metabolically active tissue may inhibit repair or other essential functions.
  • This city is metabolically tied to a surrounding hinterland of agricultural and ecological resources.
  • Also, flight is a much more metabolically demanding movement then walking or running, and therefore we see a proportionally larger respiratory system in birds than in mammals.
  • The loop gas oxygen fraction will increase with depth, as the mass rate of oxygen used metabolically remains almost constant with a change in depth.
  • Therefore, surround suppression likely helps to produce a neural code that is more metabolically efficient.
  • Once released, the siderophore will sequester the iron, making it metabolically accessible for the bacteria.
  • This trade-off has likely developed by evolution as the cuticular compounds are metabolically expensive to produce so larger colonies may not be able to support this mechanism.
  • Although the process of ecdysis is metabolically risky and expensive, it does have some advantages.
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  • adverb Involving metabolism
    metabolically important substances