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  • However over time they have all merged to form the one current council.
  • They then merged the ideas into one extended film shot for the TV show.
  • The final goal would be to merge into one international culture with a common language.
  • Many of the larger companies were acquired by, or merged with, other companies.
  • The station is just south of the point where the double line merges into one.
  • A new genus was created by simply merging these two names together.
  • Various interest groups hope to merge every island municipality into one governing body.
  • The two towns eventually put aside their differences and merged into one.
  • South of this station, the center track merges with the other two tracks.
  • These operations were gradually merged into large assembly-line manufacturing companies.
  • Eventually, they chose to merge rather than continue to fight in court.
  • Where economic issues merge with social and political ones, it is referred to as development studies.
  • Some of these companies have stopped operating or have been merged into other carriers.
  • During the early 1990s it bought the building next door, merging the two.
  • Particularly when a route merges into another route, a major town along that other route could serve as control city.
  • Eventually he decided to merge the two stories into one.
  • Allen had three children of her own, and several years after the marriage the two families merged into one.
  • Some towns or cities are merged with surrounding villages to one municipality.
  • At some time this is recognized and a movement is organized to merge more closely.
  • In the second half of the game, the tribes are merged into a single tribe.
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