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  • We entered a large room where the women sat working at their mending. Cited from The Road, by Jack London
  • They do not mend anything like so well if heat alone is used. Cited from Papers on Health, by John Kirk
  • He had asked her to mend her ways several times in the past.
  • Is it too late for him to mend her broken heart and soul?
  • In the note he said that his boat-mending days were about over. Cited from The Visioning, by Susan Glaspell
  • When the boy grew up into a youth, he did not mend his ways. Cited from The Hero of Esthonia and Others, by William Forsell Kirby
  • Where can he go from here except to reform and mend his ways?
  • I felt myself out of place, but could do nothing to mend matters. Cited from The Great War As I Saw It, by Frederick George Scott
  • Nor did matters mend when from the minister they passed to the master. Cited from Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Froude
  • All was lost, all was past mending, she would carry on until she fell. Cited from The Waif Woman, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • She hoped all that was so bad in him would one day mend. Cited from The House by the Church-Yard, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • I am rather a bad lot, and a little too old to mend. Cited from A Crooked Path, by Mrs. Alexander
  • And in its mended condition it will appear more ancient than ever. Cited from Miss Prudence, by Jennie Maria (Drinkwater) Conklin
  • But let us see how he mends the matter in his own which follows. Cited from His Majesties Declaration Defended, by John Dryden
  • I believe one of them has an arm off, but it can be mended. Cited from A Sweet Little Maid, by Amy E. Blanchard
  • If they even worked in the fields or mended the roads in their own country! Cited from The Works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 1 (of 8), by Guy de Maupassant
  • Well, you may be sure things didn't mend as time went on. Cited from Frank Oldfield, by T.P. Wilson
  • Now that the thing was past mending he made the best of it. Cited from The New Boy at Hilltop, by Ralph Henry Barbour
  • They are mending now, and this valley never felt, never looked, so beautiful before. Cited from !Tention, by George Manville Fenn
  • They left the boy at his mending and took the back track. Cited from Copper Streak Trail, by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
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Meaning of mend

  • noun Sewing that repairs a worn or torn hole (especially in a garment)
    her stockings had several mends
  • verb Heal or recover
    My broken leg is mending