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  • Time for hard-working men like you and me to be in bed. Cited from Dawn O'Hara, The Girl Who Laughed, by Edna Ferber
  • As a general rule, self-made men are the only well made men. Cited from Cleveland Past and Present, by Maurice Joblin
  • His children all grew up to be fine looking men and women. Cited from Welsh Fairy Tales, by William Elliot Griffis
  • I could do nothing against the eight well-armed men you have brought on board. Cited from Fighting for the Right, by Oliver Optic
  • When we went outside, all the twenty-seven men were there waiting for us. Cited from Chief of Scouts, by W.F. Drannan
  • Few hard-working men would come out a night like this. Cited from From the Bottom Up, by Alexander Irvine
  • At this moment the twenty-five men sent for ran up. Cited from Won by the Sword, by G.A. Henty
  • The union refused to work on a job with non-union men.
  • They are independent, like self-made men, and come up of themselves. Cited from The Captain's Toll-Gate, by Frank R. Stockton
  • He looked up and saw three men in the presence of God.
  • In other cases, the men did nothing for the women except in a minor way.
  • That's the secret of the success of all hard-working men. Cited from The True Citizen, by Warkwick, Smith & Smith
  • One held eight African-American men and the other held four white men.
  • Twenty-four men and twenty-four women came with him. Cited from Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens
  • These could be operated by three men, and pulled by only two horses.
  • In the latter thousands look on while twenty-two men show their skill. Cited from Vanishing England, by P. H. Ditchfield
  • Most are focused on the five men standing in the center of the room.
  • But what were men of his age to do?
  • I can get two non-union men that I know of. Cited from The Fat of the Land, by John Williams Streeter
  • Among those told were the players of the men's and women's teams.
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